01 December, 2009

online friends.

A'kum n ello..

i'm quite bored right now. i dunno what to do.

i feel like i wanna go out,but i don't want to waste my money.
i want to read a book,but i don't have the mood.
i want to watch drama, but i can't play any dvd from this computer,cos it's a cd-rw driver.
i want to go karaoke,but i don't have the money.
i want to eat takoyaki, but i know i'll end up shopping some useless thing later.
i want to go jogging,but i still feel some muscle pain right now around my neck, my abs and thighs.

why i don't have anything to do?blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

maybe i'll download ICQ later. maybe i can spend my boring time chatting with some random people. tho something like "A:what do u like?" "B:i like jay" "A:jay sean?" "B:no la.jay chou" will happen again, and that worry me a bit.

i wonder where my social skills go? i easily friends with unknown people before. maybe i was too innocent at that time.

still, i'm grateful now that i have online friends that i'm close with.one of them even make her daughter's sims' name as LIA! cool eh?

but if i look back, most of my online friends are korean fans and Liverpool fans. proves that i have fun easily with people like them.

wonder how people chat with other peeps just cos they're hot and cute? i tried once. and end up talking about football(as usual),and he's a fan of CSKA Moscow,a russian footie club.and yeah,he's a russian;a hottie who use weird english.

this remind me of this conversation that we had:

alia: so you can speak many language?
russian guy: only english and russian.how bout u?
alia: 3
russian: many.what r they?
alia: english,malay, arab.
russian: cool,you know arab.
alia: i can read them.
russian: cool.
(not exactly the same cos it's 4 years ago or so,so maybe i change some bits)

tho he doesn't know that i only can pronounce and read but don't really understand arabic. oh well. i can't say i know Kelantanese or Java cos i'm a pure KL.once i talk, people just know that i live in KL. ask me to talk in Kelate or Java, you'll laugh cos it is too FAKE.

thank you!

ta then!


nadiasepet said...

Lia, come to mama ^^ HAHA

asya said...

hai LIA!

Alia Liverpool said...

nadia: baik,mama.aha.

asya: hai,asya. cis,name anda tak plik.haha.