14 September, 2009

mika hakkinen in Malaysia?!?!?

A'kum n ello..

last week, i went to sunway pyramid with aqilah and kp.

and on our way to the carpark, i saw a banner that has Mika Hakkinen's face;a banner that is similar like this(but not quite)

ok. i know not many of you know this guy,so i better intro about him for awhile.

Mika Hakkinen is MY FAVOURITE F1 RACER.

around 6 years ago, i was crazy about Formula One. at that time,i'm not yet a Liverpool fanatic. when i was 11, i had this book about F1. i wrote all the datas about who won the race and all. and at that time,i really,really hate Michael Schumacher,cos he was Mika Hakkinen's rival.

Mika Hakkinen was a 2 times F1 world champion. he won the 1998 and 1999 championship.and then,around 2002, he retired from F1.seriously,i was sad.i almost cried. it's not like xabi alonso left Liverpool kind of feeling.it's more mutual than that.haha.

and so,when i saw that banner,i was like "AHHHHHHH!!!!MIKA HAKKINEN!!!!!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com" and aqilah who was driving the car was like "nape2???" and so i said "MIKA HAKKINEN!!!!!!" kp and aqilah blur. they know nothing about Formula1 and it was useless for me to explain more to them.

at that time,i wonder. why the hell there's a Mika Hakkinen's banner at SUNWAY PYRAMID???

but at that time,i was more concerned about the iftar at tokyo-g than mika hakkinen.

and so,fast forward the time to today(140909).

my brother was watching Sportscenter Malaysia just now,and suddenly,Mika Hakkinen appeared in the news. so...

Amin: Mika Hakkinen datang Malaysia eh?
Alia: dia datang O.U...eh~~?tak tak.Sunway Pyramid.
Amin: camne Alia tau?
Alia: aritu, alia nampak banner Mika Hakkinen kat sunway.
Amin: ada bitau tak bile Mika Hakkinen datang?
Alia: tak nampak bile dia datang sbb aqilah bawak laju sangat.
Alia: nasibla amin bitau,alia nk check tenet.

so i checked the net.

Alia: ah. Mika Hakkinen datang 14 hb September.blum lagi!
Alia: *checked the computer's date* Monday,September 14,2009.

seriously. TODAY????????????????????????

how could i know it was today??????
and i missed my chance to meet him!!!

ai~~. i missed THIS!

dear Mika Hakkinen, i missed you and your helmet.

ta then.blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

credit image: www.grandprix.com


ainkinz said...

sian anda alia.
takpe,bole cube lagi k.


Alia Liverpool said...

haha.x menolong langsung kate2 ko tu.haha