24 January, 2009


A'kum n ello..

been tired for 2days or so..
and now i have this painful leg that i don't really know the reason....and my sis ,father and maid will not be home for more than 1 day...and cool~

dinner will have crab and that delicious sambal ikan bilis with terung.


i really dunno what to blog...maybe bcos this week is not really a good week for me...



but still,i have to be positive then....i'm tired by telling to myself to be positive, but if that's the way that'll make my life better,i have to be positive then..

and i wonder,if my life is too dramatic right now...can't something more dramatic like getting married suddenly happen?

that's too much...but that'll be nice..
haha to that..

and no offense, i'm beginning to think that some people are very,very vain that they don't realize that....

i want to be vain too if i can...but why must i if i don't have anything to brag about...

which is not stupid of me cos some people don't realize how ugly they are just by being vain...

both me and aqilah admit,we are being very2 cruel in this 2nd semester.....


i don't want to read story books bcos i'm too absorb with reality..

but still...

haish again..

i love to sigh,am i?

i'm mad with someone...do you know who?....and if you think you are the person that i'm mad at...here is the reason why i'm mad....DON'T CANCEL THINGS AT THE LAST MINUTE!EVEN IF YOU CANCEL,SAY THE REASON!AND EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE REASON,TRY TO THINK OF THE SOLUTION.AND IF THE REASON AND SOLUTION ARE GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME TO ACCEPT,THINGS WILL BE ALRIGHT.

and not just that,that person was the one who plan on doing it,but after that cancel it.


and i want to know if that person realize that i'm talking about her/him.

k then.
i want to release the anger to another site.


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