17 January, 2009

relax mate~!

A'kum n ello..

nice phrase here

Turn fear to hope & anxiety to passion!

i read the news about Liverpool..and yeah,i have to admit that i really scared bout it eventhough i looked calm and relax and all..but really,something like RAFA REJECT NEW DEAL is like,shocking~

i just hope all this contract problem will settle soon...

and btw,Liverpool only drew one match in 1 WEEK...but people been talking about Liverpool will lose,but still,i have my great belief in Liverpool and Rafa....i have my trust on this club and the manager...if i'm scared,i can't do anything...but if i'm confident,maybe something will happen....

that's the meaning of life.
u scared~u lose.
u brave~u win~!

ta then!

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