28 January, 2009


A'kum n ello...

my holiday....
still boring..tho i don't expect much...i don't think i want too be with someone else rite now...but still,another person in your life that close to you is nice right?..

yeay to that~

anyway...my father,in this past few days,been really annoying to the point that i want to just SHUT UP and GO AWAY...really tho...we don't do anything bad..then suddenly,another mak cik azah appear.....

talk about being funny,but things just too annoying that i don't think i said something weird or bad..

anyway...i don't care people know about my life by knowing it from this blog,but sometimes i think the person who know it is just too annoying...some of it,not all...i want people to know me,but not to damn me...and don't say that some of my doing are bad...i know what's bad and what's not...and i have my own reason to do it..

da to that~

anyway...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AFIQ ERSYAD~...man,i can memorize his birthday easily cos my sister's birthday is tomorrow...haha...i don't want to sms him to wish him birthday cos i know what'll will his reply be...i'm not in the mood to receive any bad remark about Liverpool from someone who support a german club...

k now..
really dunno what to say.

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