24 January, 2009

aim about what?

A'kum n ello...

i need something in my life.an aim.but i don't have that.last time,i choose medic as my aim.but after that,i realize that i don't want it and that's just what people want me instead of me want it.and then,i said to my father,which i doubt he heard it,that i want to go to Liverpool if i get 3.5 in this semester....but i doubt that's the thing that i really want..

i wonder what i really want in life...seriously,i want to know what is it...as much as some people said that i'm so full of myself,tell me what i'm really good at that makes me so full of myself?...what i love about myself is that i'm a loyal Liverpool fan..and i love to brag about it..

is that 'soo full of myself'?

when i brag,it's only something small...something stupid...and why the hell that is called full of myself...

and if you think that me saying other person is bad,why do you think i want to say it?..bcos i know a lot more than you do about that other person..and so i have the REAL reason to even talk about it...and to make things nice for me and you,whenever i said something bad,i never meant it as a bad thing..i meant it just to help and to make other people improve and realize their own bad-ness or weakness....

and if you think what i said is bad,don't read my blog...as much as i want freedom in this blog,i can't do it cos what i'll say will just bring some negative response instead of good....

i never meant things to be bad,i just want to make things nice...but people assume it as a bad thing...so,...~


and anyway,about the aim,i rather take things as it is and improve things lil by lil instead of aiming for something...maybe i don't need an aim right now,but after i forget and solve all my problems,maybe i'll have an aim..

that aim to be a doctor was interesting.

ta then!

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