27 January, 2009

life and life

A'kum n ello..

so i'm crazy rite now..bcos i nearly bang my head on my laptop cos of burger mania...

is it burger mania?
i think so..

the game is addictive..just like what xiuqi once told me...i played that game till 4am just to finish maybe 10parts of it...

and still,i haven't finish all of them


anyway,went out with emi,aqilah n syakira today..bloody nice~...both me and syakira laughed a lot..haha..and i don't even know why did we laugh...and another thing,we went to emi's boyfriend's house at seksyen6,and btw,her boyfriend is my friend from my elementary school days...so it was kinda awkward to see him..but still,no awkward thing happen cos that guy only has his eyes on emi from the time he met her and also till the time he said bye2....

he didn't even bye2 to any of us...shsh..~


nothing much after that...

really tho,i'm bored rite now..i dunno what to do..i hope my holiday week will be awesome will my study moments...haha..

or maybe i'll go to liyana's house cos i told her father that i'll crash her house later..

bye then..
i really dunno what to say.

ta !

maybe i dunno what to say cos i just have to accept the DRAW and be CONFIDENT for the next match...


ta again!

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