31 January, 2009

meet in flesh memory?

A'kum n ello..

there this discussion at DBSG@LJ about meeting DBSK in flesh...the person want to know about it,u know,bcos fangirls moments are really crazy....and so i'll join the conversation...

by sending this..~~

click the picture to see what i said

i love the reply comment....
i miss that day..it was nice...hoho....hope they really come to Malaysia later...cos i heard the petition was around 3000++ instead of 5000...and i already 'FORCED' my friends to do it [thank you to liana amira,faidzal,najwa(the hardest of all.i'll make it difficult for you when they have a big bang petition) and nazneen] and also thank you for this people[my brother(amin),liyana,my sis(alisa)] who let me open up their email just to send the email to the people who in-charge of the concert..hoho...

so really,i hope they'll come to Malaysia...

and another thing~
i have a date with 5men this valentine's day...~~!!

k now.ta!

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