02 January, 2009

flat tyre

A'kum n ello...

you see that picture above...
nice tyre aite?
and why a tyre in this entry?...

aqilah will be mad and also laugh when she read this..

anyway..today,i went to uitm with aqilah...so we went to class with her car...and also had lunch at sacc,and yeah,she drove there....hoho...

and so,the whole day,i think i was in her car than in class cos my new lecturer is not that punctual to be honest...hoho..

and so,when this thing happen,i have to suppress my laughter bcos things like this is not really funny....so i just have to make it as a new experience for both me and aqilah..


k now..it was after our BEL260 class,we were walking to the aqilah's car...and when we enter the car,my friend named Hamka and Wan suddenly laughed at us cos they talked some bad stuff about the car;which at that time they didn't know that it is aqilah's...and then we were like whatever,that car is cute,that's my opinion anyway...and then,when aqilah drove the car,when we past both of them,suddenly we heard something really loud,POM!...we thought the car hit the divider....and so we parked at Pusat Islam(which is good cos that place kinda far from the boys' hostel)..and then we checked the car,we saw that the tyre was flat...

especially that the POM happen totally in front of the boys..

and bcos our ego really high,we didn't call any of our boy friends especially hamka and wan..

hoho to that..

and then we saw this 2 ladies,which kinda funny cos they have A LOT OF RATS in their car...maybe that people are biology girls...anyway..we asked them if they know how to change the tyre of the car..?...they said"tatau"..

k then..
and then we saw 3 men on motorbikes...and we asked them for help...

and they helped us...hoho..

tho it was a lil bit difficult for us,cos the car doesn't provide any spanar to unscrew the tyre...and so,we had to borrow from someone else...and lucky there was this ustaz,who have the spanar that we want...hoho..

it was like a test...asked for help at someone that unknown to us is better than asking someone that is known to us..

stupid theory that is..
but still,our ego really high..
we can't do anything about it..


really tho,now we know how to change the tyre...and i dunno what aqilah's dad will react when he saw that the tyre is different than the normal one..?

anyway,thanks to the 3men,both of us can go home safely..and thanks to the Ustaz who have many spanars in his car...hohoho..

another thing,now maybe i can blog frequently!...cos my room is on the 4th floor...so the wireless signal is strong at that high place..and now that i have a wireless usb for my don't-have-any-wireless-dell,and so now,i can online!..

which i think won't be that frequent,cos i don't think i have many free times other than sleep and study...

ta then!
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