29 January, 2009

study outing~

A'kum n ello..

I'M HAPPY!!!...i care about my friends...but i don't rely on them so much like i do to hani...i know she'll do great for me eventhough she made some ridiculous things to me,but still,i know she'll be the one that i can rely upon when i'm alone..


so i met her during my lonely attack...i called her to know what she's doing...and she said she's at the library to study...so i tried to study at home,but my microb's lab report format suddenly disappear...so my mood to study already gone...and then my brother already home from wherever he was...and so i asked him to send me to the library...and voila~..i met hani and her sis and study biochemistry!!!!!

and now i know how does D and L families exist in chemistry...do you know that devro means right in Greek and Levo means left?...and so that's why it exists D & L families in chemical bond...

k..something like that...

and do you know that D-fructose is the only sugar in male's semen????...hahaha..i was laughing really hard at the library when i knew about that...

and so you know where the sweet thing come from,IF you even ____~!

now this is the reason why i put this blog as ADULTERY CONTENT~..haha

anyway...hani had a haircut at pkns...and she looks cute with her new haircut...and we found out that the hairstylist girl studied at the same elementary school as us,and she remembers some of the SKS6's teachers;Ckg Mustapha,Ckg Johari,Pn Che Som~....hoho...

and after that we had dinner at Alam Sentral....and then went to Darul Ehsan at Seksyen11 to buy Ais Krim Goreng,which i never know that it ever exist....and then bcos i don't want to go home even after 10pm,so i told hani's sis to wander around at the big houses in Seksyen9 before sending me home,so we went to the rich&glamorous area in Seksyen9...and when i can't resist my need to pee...so hani's sis sent me home..


k now..
that's all..


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