19 January, 2009

some blabbermouth like me

A'kum n ello..

lalalala,chinggu ya~!

i finished my assignment!yeay!!!

cool eh?
only microbio's assignment..but i'm happier than i should be cos i have another assignments to do...ahaha...

but i'm happy cos i was too tired and dizzy without knowing the reason for one whole day,and so i'm happy cos i beat the odds of me surrender to the dizziness and win the battle of finishing the assignment~!..

kk...only one..but i only have to send one assignment tomorrow eventho i have to send organic chem and biochem's assignment the day after that..but whatever~~

and i'll be living at my house in this whole week cos i don't want to waste my time climbing the stairs everyday throughout the week cos i'll have semester break a week from now,and so i don't want to care about living in the hostel..

tralalala to that...

and cos i have another 4 posts to reach 1000...so i'll try to reach it before my mother's birthday ie 21st january...hoho..

and maybe i'll make some changes in this blog...maybe i'll change the way i blog...i'll try to blog like shigeki kato's blog...it'll be nice...

and i don't think you know who is shigeki kato~~...
not that i want to introduce who is him..

and thanks to aqilah's car...i listen to many international and national artistes songs,more than my usual music ie j&k songs...haha...and i even have a liking to a new malay song,Bunkface's situasi...nice eh?...

i'm proud to say that Malaysia is improving in their music industry....tho i still not sure about Meet Uncle Hussein~..eventho they won Juara Lagu,i still think Faizal Tahir is better than them..but whatever..~...

and yeah,be surprise~..i even know Faizal Tahir~~...haha..

and another surprise~..i'm in love with this black handbag that i bought during my shopping with kp,aqilah and liyana gile....RM20,and i'm in love with it!!..hoho...thanks to the cute price,i eventually have a handbag...~...

who needs Guess or Prada,if you have a beautiful handbag that only cost 1/10 of the designer's handbag price..

and who needs those brand bags if i already inherit most of it from my mother's belongings~~...haha....Prada,Yves St Laurent,Guess,Gucci,Versace and other handbags that i don't even know the name are inside my father's cabinet..waiting for me or my sis to inherit it..which right now,we're not in the mood to use it.....

and i asked my father about my late-mother's fondness of designer bags...and he said,"kalo mak idup lagi,dia maybe dah ade kasut jimmy choo"..


that's what you get if you have a rich husband like my father.

but still.

k now..
wanna find more songs..

ta !

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