22 May, 2007

rafa benitez half-time Istanbul talk

a'kum n ello..

just surf the liverpoolfc's web...and there were some news that totally interesting...the web said that there will be a best dressed house in Liverpool for the supporters who 'dress' their house best...haha...it is very cute to see a house to be dress..but i think the houses in malaysia will mostly turn to yellow if the national team win the world cup...haha..if maybe in Malaysia,if the ministry make a contest for the best dressed house,i think just a few houses will participate...but unlike Liverpool,the houses there prepared for the contest...the best dressed house is mainly about Liverpool FC..and many people in Liverpool are passionate and totally unashame of themselves..so~..they dressed their house...

like this:
passionate eh~~
and that's only one of it..

anyway...there also about rafa benitez's half-time team talk in Istanbul;the words of advice rafa talked to the players when they were losing 3-0 in a FINAL...and there this 1 people...printed the words on a t-shirt and is selling them by the lorry-load on eBay..cool~~..

damn!i want this shirt!

"Don't let your heads drop.
All the players who go on
the pitch after half-time have
to keep their heads held high.
We are Liverpool. You are
playing for Liverpool.
Do not forget that.
You have to hold your
heads high for the supporters.
You have to do it for them.
You cannot call yourselves
Liverpool players if you have
your heads down.
If we create a few chances
we have the possibility of
getting back into this.
Believe you can do it and you will.
Give yourself the chance
to be heroes."

(Rafa Benitez – Half time.
Ataturk Stadium. Istanbul.
25th May 2005)
cool advice just happen from the Legendary man himself.
i can take this as an inspiration for my SPM..huhu..

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