08 May, 2007

exam's eve

a'kum n ello..

today is boring....i dunno why my planned to NOT go to school didn't work..i was like..'maybe something will happen at school' or some sort like that...nothing major though..except i lose badly to ainun in that touch-the-chin thingy..haish..really though..i lose my focus for a lil while..

i even slept at school for 20 minutes(i think) cos i really2 tired...i dunno what time i slept last night..anyway...like i said before....the school was boring cos revision,revision,revision..i was thinking to go to school to send my physic's notes..but the teacher didn't enter the class...so..she didn't ask about the physics' notes...

went to account's tuition today..very2 happening...i thought i will be more dizzy cos i didn't sleep after i reached home after school...but some sort like that didn't happen...me n liyana guessed how old pn rokiah is...liyana said she is 40++..i thought pn rokiah is younger..so i said she is 30 something...and then we asked teacher how old she is..she said she is 30..i told her that she's not 30 but more than that...i told her that she is 35...and then she told the truth...she said she was born on 1965..and so..she is 42 years old...she treated me air laici cos i said her age is 35...hahaha...lucky me!....
  • tomorrow's paper:english1 and bm1...
  • currently listening to NEWS' beach angel..
  • gotta study...
  • clavicle is at your shoulder and pelvic girdle is at your waist..
  • kewl..now i remember a lil bit of bio..
  • gd luck to me and to you all..
  • ac milan vs LIVERPOOL 23rd May UK TIME
  • ac milan vs LIVERPOOL 24th May MALAYSIA TIME

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