15 May, 2007

exam susah!

a'kum n ello..

1 word for today's exam.


chemistry only though..physic3 was alright..but chemistry~~...damn..!..i wish i can turn back time...too many equations and all...and maybe becos i study too much on bio...and also bcos i already read bio before...some of my answers were nearly-bio answers...huhu..but dun mind...i just hope i can do better in the next 2 papers..tomorrow will have akaun1,pjk and add math2...da...i dun mind akaun and add math cos in akaun..i practically good in understanding objective question but totally a loser when doing the penyata pendapatan and all..neway...i just hope my chemy won't fail...i can even count how many questions that i know DEFINITELY correct..other than that..i think i gave funny answers...

just hope no bad things happen...

skip akaun's tusyen today..i know many ppl won't go cos most of the students who'll go to the tuition today already did their akaun's exam..me,btw,have to do a make-up test...lorh...but lucky me,i don't need to listen all the 'ucapan from the ministers' about the hari guru tomorrow...
  • currently listening to Fall Out Boy's thns fr th Mmrs
  • download bleach manga(many chapters)
  • a-list asia has mika nakashima..
  • read an article..a prisoner, somewhere in malaysia's prison create a blog..
  • the blog is somewhat like 'the prisoner's society'..
  • what happen to the world da...
  • those 2 gay people nearly make me want to kill them.......

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