16 May, 2007

another exam

a'kum n ello..

another words for the exam today..


haish...too hard!!...i think i will fail add math...i'll try to answer all of the questions eventhough i dunno most of them...but really,even to just 'hentam' was hard too..da...akaun paper also bad...lorh...i forgot some of the form4 topics..i forgot what is baki kredit..haish....at least i already done the job...lucky pjk was somewhat easy...i dunno when is Hari Pengguna Sedunia...i answer 15 March...just hope that's the correct answer...i wish more questions like "who won the thomas cup""who won the CL";p"who is anna kournikova"....that some sort of question can be very cool...haha...

anyway..just after i blab about add math susah n all..something good happen..but i hope i can turn back time about it..haha...

i google when is hari pengguna sedunia..and my answer is correct..hari pengguna sedunia is on 15 march..yatta!!
  • currently listening to Hawk Nelson's Bring em out..
  • download bleach manga...
  • kaka said liverpool is a long ball team and more tactical then man utd..
  • and by what he said,the conclusion is,man utd is better than liverpool..
  • now i dislike kaka...
  • i hope michael owen will go to liverpool next season..
  • so i can watch mike owen!
  • tomorrow exam:bio2 and math2

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