11 May, 2007

exam part 1

a'kum n ello..

i'm satisfied~...the exam doesn't end yet..but i'm satisfied!..huhu..cos i really did my best..!..huhu...among the papers that i've been through this week that's very difficult was agama Islam...i think that's the most difficult agama paper i've seen since form1...all becos i didn't read on the night before..anyway...i just have to get a perfect score on the agama Islam paper 2 then...that's all i can do...next week will be some major week...most of the papers for next week will be paper 2...da..!!!...just have to try hard..

end of being-an-aina....

atman and afiq didn't stop talking about the CL final...my team through the final and it should be ME who will talk about it..but both of them just can't shut up about it...haha..i don't really mind..cos after the final..i want to show them who really the best team in Europe...hope LIVERPOOL WILL WIN and both of them will just shut up...i'm trying to imagine both of their face that will show"i'm a loser"...haha...kk..both of them had remind me about the news that ferguson told ancelloti(ac milan's manager) that ac milan will defeat liverpool...and ancelloti was very happy and he gave ferguson a bottle of wine...ferguson said he won't drink the wine yet cos he will drink it after ancelloti really touch the cup...pergh~...all i can say from this stupid news..is..STUPID~~...but i'll try to be like rafa...just losers talk about celebration about a win before a match..

correction:that's my words actually..not rafa's...

kk..that's all..wanna sleep..

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