29 May, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i have to thank and also mad at farahin for this..cos if she didn't introduce this DBSK and Super Junior peeps..maybe i won't be addicted to them!!..haha..and also i have to be mad at the japanese
producer that suddenly want to direct the hana kimi drama series..and make me watch the taiwan's hana kimi..and now i'm addicted to the main character,Yi Quan(if in japanese,his name is Izumi Sano)...

and now that xabi alonso and teppei and taiki are not here in my life....so..i am looking forward to know this cute little guys!...haha...

Wu Chun
(not many pictures of him though)
he is Quan in Hana Kimi(taiwan)
he was born in brunei..so..he can speak some malay..
haha...i don't have any difficulties if i meet him!

Chang Min
huhu..i adore him among the DBSK peeps

Kim Ki Bum
he is one of the Super Junior boys..
haha..i watched some SuperJuniors' mini-drama
and i like him a lot!

Kim Ki Bum again..
thanks to emi...
this picture is cute!

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i just have to put it..
both of them are just cute together..
eventhough one of them thinks they are gay..

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