19 May, 2007

hana kimi live-action

a'kum n ello..

just surf the blueverry site...something surprising though..another one of my favourite manga will adapt to a live-action drama..haha..!!...last time,it was hana yori dango...and now,hana kimi...and i know that taiwan already made hana kimi..but hani said the drama was not as as good as the manga...anyway..the japanese now realize that they should make hana kimi drama...haha..but still though..the relevance of this news is not really 100% cos some ppl said it's just rumours..

but i think it's true though...i think there will be hana kimi drama..but the rumours now are WHO?!WHO ARE THE ACTORS THAT WILL ACT IN IT?..in blueverry,it said that oguri shun,horikita maki(i think) and ikuta toma will be in it...oguri shun will be sano izumi,maki will be ashiya mizuki and ikuta toma will be nakatsu shuchi...haha..it also stated there that maybe oguri shun won't be in it cos he is bz with other dramas...and maybe ikuta toma will be sano...anyway..i google to know if this is true or not..but nothing really satisfied me..but some thing attract me...someone said maybe ryo nishikodo will be izumi sano...ooh!!..i think he will be good cos sano is very handsome and cool and ryo also like that..it will be perfect..!..

to tell you the truth,i don't agree oguri shun as sano...but maybe bcos shun is tall and sano is a high jumper,so...maybe it will be good...and ikuta toma as nakatsu..erm..i dunno...i never seen him act except in hana yori dango..i never seen his happy-go-lucky face yet...but WHAT I DON'T LIKE IS.,HORIKITA MAKI(just hope the spelling is correct) as MIZUKI...?..err..i don't think so..but maybe she'll be good...da....

from left=nakatsu,mizuki,sano

from left=toma,maki,shun
when i look back..they really can be like those trio

hope it will be ryo!but dun mind....

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