22 May, 2007

1 day to end my exam

a'kum n ello..

today's exam was pretty hard...sejarah1 was a lil bit hard cos some words there were mostly confusing...and est1 also a lil bit the same...my,my...what happen to my brain that time...luckily chemistry3 was alright..lucky i can answer it....and now..there's only 3 papers to go...2 physic papers tomorrow and my akaun's paper2 will be taken this friday..so...tonight just read physic only..haha..

cos ah hin will teach me akaun at liyana's house tomorrow..so..i'm lucky and happy and grateful!

something happen at school and fatin was like "alia,kite nampak awak tadi"...and then she smiled with that evil smile of her...i was 'i know she saw us...and i know what she's thinking right now...'..so...i prefer to not talk about it eventhough i already say it here..

  • 1 day to go for the BIG FINAL!
  • american idol's final tomorrow..
  • currently listening to EXILE's everything..
  • xabi alonso loves oasis's stand by me..
  • hani,pls send sms to me to remind about the chocolate...
  • i like that Ghost Whisperer series..
  • i better buy a Jdorama dvd for the holiday!
  • haha..!
  • ei,hani..i think maybe i keep the eraser...hehe..
  • for right now...........
  • want to watch Pirates of Carribeans:At World's End this saturday...

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