11 May, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i am very BORED!!!...so..i think about some questions..but really though..i have many answers but dunno what the questions..haha..and so..i put some Domoto Kyodai's question to NEWS when NEWS went to the talkshow...huhu...

Introduce Yourself
Alia Liverpool.17 years old.

Name 1 thing from your hometown that you are proud of
haha..the LSCM clubhouse is just beside my neighbourhood...hoho...

Tell us 1 secret that you are keeping right now..
the truth about taiki..haha..

What are you most proud of at the moment?
special treatment~~~;p

What did you teacher write in you school's report card?
like usual...Berusaha Lagi....haha..

What's the thing that you don't like about yourself?
went to the toilet when i get nervous all of sudden..da..!

What do you have a hard time with at the moment?
have a good,dreamless sleep...that is soo hard!!

What's your fav body part?
this is hard...i love my body...k..maybe my nails..cos that's something i can compare with others...haha...

what's the 1st cd you bought?
1st cd eh...haha...i never bought any cd songs...but the 1st cd i bought was saiyuki reload anime cd...haha...

Which of you seniors that you admire?
hahahahahahahhahahaha..i never care about any seniors of mine.....

What do you feel like trying from now on?
spa...and get a massage from ppl...mind you..i want to relax my mind and nowadays i always feel weak..da..!!..a massage is totally heaven..huhu..

What is the thing that you will not fail to do everyday?
surf to the LFC's web...hehe..

Please tell us you biggest failure when you appeared on tv?
never been on tv...so..no failure yet...huhu..

Among your friends,who do you want to say "Please don't do this anymore"
ainun..cos i don't want her to touch my chin anymore..haha....

In 1 word,describe yourseld as a child

what's the earliest memory you have
in my kindergarten..ppl asking my phone no...i dun even know what is phone no...so i gave them any number...and my old fren said she couldn't reach me..haha...

recently,what did you get angry about and why?
ah...i really2 forgot..i think i got angry to my brother..cos he 'campak' some rices at me...da..

when do you think"aah..i'm just an insignificant person"?
when ppl don't want to listen to my talk..da...

up to now,what do you consider to be the greatest luxury?
hehe...aqilah's massage chair...my,my..

what's the toughest thing for you at the moment?
add math ...

tell us about your ideal date...
take me to liverpool..and that's the most ideal..huhu..

what's the one thing that makes a man sexy or cool?
when he understands you..haha..!

if you were God,what would you do?
i don't want to be a God..but i really wish i can understand things easily without thinking too hard..but that is the most stupid and selfish me...I like what God doing right now..

share a trivia that you know...
the no.7 is a magic no. in Harry Potter's world....

what's the 1 thing that you won't lose to other people..?
talking about Liverpool..haha..

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