03 May, 2007

LIVERPOOL meet ac milan

a'kum n ello..

hours ago...my bro said..he will sent me n my sis to school today if he was awake...and usually...he will be awake if man utd win over something..and this morning..man utd had a match..against the semi-finalist of champions league 2005,ac milan..(flashback to the best moment in my life,LIVERPOOL was the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNER in 2005 after they beat ac milan 3-3 and won the penalties after that)
..and so..my bro went to sleep and so...with no mak cik azah in Malaysia right now..we went to school with Liyana,and surprisingly...liyana picked me early...and i was very excited about the Liverpool match and i talked about it to her all the way to the dataran sinar..hehe...at the dataran sinar..i was smiling like the world is mine..haha...nazneen even asked me why i looked so happy...haha...i told her cos LIVERPOOL WON!..huhu..and i blabbed about the match to many ppl and i told hani about it many times and i thought she nearly get bored with it...but never mind..she talked about aiba many times...and so..we even...haha.

anyway..man utd lose to ac milan...and so...ac milan will meet LIVERPOOL at the final..huhu..this is awesomely good..!!..ac milan will be thinking about revenge for the loss in 2005...and i read something at the liverpool msg board about how to stop kaka...and someone said"WE NEED HAMANN!!"..cos 2 years ago,in the 1st half,kaka was too brilliant..and then...hamann was on the field to take care of him..and kaka was like invisible..he was nowhere in sight cos hamann totally took care of him...but now..hamann is not in liverpool anymore..he is in man city right now...but still...this current liverpool team will take care of him...and ALHAMDULILLAH...i really happy that we have momo sissoko after what he did to ronaldinho before..huhu..

n haha....atman didn't want to look at my face cos he knew i will talk about man utd's defeat..haha.....
  • i want a liverpool banner!!..
  • jose reina's house,the liverpool goalkeeper who was the hero against chelsea,had been robbed when he was celebrating with the liverpool players..
  • he didn't want to comment cos i think he wanted to enjoy the moment about his heroic..
  • but still..his porche was also robbed..but was burnt when it was found...
  • a helicopter was missing after it departed from the John Lennon airport in Liverpool and was found crashed and the people on board was killed by the crash..
  • nino was on E! at channel 76..he is one of the famous asian people in hollywood right now!
  • Jien gave comment about nino...he said he is famous in asia...really~~
  • and E! said that nino's no.1 career is to be an actor..not a singer..
  • and E! said that nino won't be only recognize as a boyband now that he is so popular as a hollywood actor..
  • he'll be very popular if his looks in Letters From Iwojima is better than what been shown...

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