10 October, 2009

what is LOVE?

A'kum n ello...

i had this Bengkel Explorasi Minda this morning.

i have to say,it's better than i expected. it was fantastic!blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com i love how the penceramahs talked to us. they talked like they are our friends, and also said some VERY DIRECT STUFF that mostly are perverted stuff,and it was hohohohoho. THAT is how you make people attract to your talk,ok?

ok.i'm not a pervert. but you know, someone just have to say that WORDs so that the men and women know that those WORDs are actually,BAD.

ok.i just make things confusing.haha.

anyway, there was this one penceramah. he loves to ask questions,and mostly the questions were like "why the US's economy drop?" "who is your idol?" "have you ever leave any of your solats?" "what's did you get when you buy your laptop?" and this one question, "what is LOVE?"blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com


so lucky the penceramah didn't ask me.but i had this conversation with aqilah:

alia: kalo awak,awak jawab pe?
aqilah: understanding and something camtu.
alia: ah........~
alia: (camne aku leh lupe mende tu?)

cos you know,i was thinking of saying "LOVE IS PETI AIS" cos that's what my father taught me.
bcos peti ais,or in that foreign language:english;refrigerator, is a big thing and also can be expensive. and,if you can buy that for me,it means you can take care of me.it's not about money,it's about living nicely.

or maybe that's from a philosophical point of view.

if in my point of view, PETI AIS is a place where you can keep food. and food is very important to me. so,if you can buy me a PETI AIS,it means that you are taking care my most precious stuff, and so, if i have my most precious stuff(food) in a safe place like peti ais;a place that'll take care of the food for not being rotten for some time, it means i can be safe with YOU in a very2 long time.(eventhough the food will maybe rot,but it means you hae the thought that you don't want me to rot.haha)

so.LOVE IS PETI AIS.and i love FOOD. and money is important.hahahaha.

still, if you want me to say it in public this sort of stuff,maybe i'll just say "ntah.LOVE is PETI AIS.bapak aku yang bitau"

freedom,is want i love most right now.thanks very much.so,go away stalker.haish~



a i n k i n z said...

gile ah.
aku pon akan blur jugak kalau ada pertanyaan cmni.
tk penah terpikir weh.
skemanya aku.

Alia Liverpool said...

ko kene sedia ngan soalan ni,long. kalo x, ko lmbt kawin.haha.