20 September, 2007


a'kum n ello..

it's not like i'm mad or something..
it just that i'm not in the mood...
and also cos i'm annoyed...

the reason i like dbsk is becos at that time..
there was no liverpool games and no favourite celebs to talk about..
and also no new jdramas i interested to..

and it was that time..
when ah hin asked me to watch dbsk mini drama..
and i hook with them..
i didn't even like their songs at that time..
but after i saw changmin's cute face in dangerous love..
i insanely in love with them..
and i make an oath..

linkin park long gone..
and the calling also long gone..
and Liverpool won't start a band..

i have a new artiste to adore and that is DBSK...

and so..
other artiste like super junior,ss501,ft island and other korean boyband is not my favourite..
except shinhwa,whom i like cos they make a korean girl realize her pride as an asian and korean..
and also becos kim Dong Wan's spin kick..
and also bcos Kim Dong Wan being a witty guy and always make me laugh...
that's all...

and now..
maybe bcos i'm not in the mood..
never ever bother me in talking about FT Island..
eventhough you want to say that my previous post was a rumour..
i don't care..

i already had enough of korean stuff in my mind and now i want to go back to my origin..
not bother about this korean boyband stuff except dbsk and other thing that is well bother
cos i just don't want to care about it...

mind you..
i already have more than enough things to think..
and now i feel more annoyed thinking about stuff that i don't want to care..

ps:i'm in bad mood..
x-ps:so don't even care about my sudden burst..
xx-ps:cos i am plainly annoyed..

crying 3 times in a week without anyone knowing really is painful

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