14 September, 2007

me baik

a'kum n ello..

i'm nice..!
very2 nice..

when i meet a lady who doesn't has any fashion sense..
i call her cute..

and when i see a beautiful lady..
i don't feel jealous..
but instead i feel..
"ah~so beautiful"...


and another thing i think i'm nice..

my mother passed away cos of cancer..
and so..
becos of gene..
my lil sis and i have a big risk in having that disease...
i had prayed..
i don't want my sis to suffer that disease..
don't want to let her get into that difficult state...
just let me have it..
cos seeing my sis suffer of that disease is really unbearable..

and that's why i think..
i'm nice..

i mean..
i don't care if i'm not happy..
as long the other peeps are happy...
i'm also happy...

now i know the meaning of life..
they happy..
we also happy...

no mocking other people..

i hope i can resist that..
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