18 September, 2007

add math da~

a'kum n ello...

this is the dizziest day of my life..
yeah,it is...
my add math today was difficult.

but i'm alright with it..
if it was the me of last-time..
maybe i couldn't answer the questions..
but today..
i was okay...
i manage to answer some of them..

cos the add math made me dizzy..
i was like,being boring all of sudden..
i mean,i was lacking the mood to laugh..
my friends were talking about those videos they watch and all..
and i was like..
and when i started to tell the stories..
i think i was being boring..

i am an insignificant person..
pity me..

just after berbuka..
my sis told my father about her report-card day that will be held this friday..
and my father was like..
being unsupportive.....

it was kinda..

i watch my lil sis working hard for her pmr..
and so i told her"GO,GO ALISA!"..
bcos that's all i can do for her right now..
a support.
just hope her pmr will be good..
cos she really lucky...
eventhough people think she got a little brain..
her talent is bloody good...

i'm being nice all of sudden..
maybe cos of the cough medicine last night..

  • currently listening to Xiah Junsu's beautiful thing..
  • wanna watch BigEastStation eps 22..
  • next week:Diagnostic Test..
  • pergh~~
  • my saving for DBSK already exceeded rm150..
  • YEAY!!

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