07 September, 2007

bad me.

a'kum n ello..

maybe cos of this exam season...
my life is a lil bit tension..

i'm having fun with hani n najwa..
have some laughs before exam started and all..

but i kinda feel i'm being a bad person to some certain people..
very2 bad me..
i'm bad,rite?

changmin:no,no.alia is baik.
alia:oh!i forget about that!

i feel very2 guilty to those peeps..
who,when they were being so happy-go-lucky to me..
i was like..
ignore them..
sorry again..

study pressure.
that is...

sorry again eventhough i don't reveal who you are...
  • currently listening to Utada Hikaru's kiss & cry..
  • najwa,it's not you...
What I want to do in this summer is making snowman.
-Super Junior's EunHyuk

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