17 September, 2007

yeah.hero kinda ?

a'kum n ello..

i'm a lil bit piss..
cos i was downloading an arashi video just now...
i had wait for more than 1 hour++..
and then..
the download stop.
just like that...
not even finish...
and it stop like i haven't waste 1 hour++ for the video to be downloaded..
i'm piss..!!!

while i was waiting for the video to be finish download..
i watched this video..
it was a korean show..
with 2 kiddies sitting on a buaian..
and then..
4 men came to them and gave them teddy bears and also singing..
the men were...
se7en,lee seung gi,eru and jaejoong..
something bother me after watching the video..
se7en and lee seung gi sang happily beside each other..
but eru and jaejoong?
eru was friendly for lending a hand to jaejoong..
but jaejoong was kinda.........rude?
cos he was like..
'eru,go away'...
but thats what i thought only...
maybe that's jaejoong's nature..
he is a cold man after all..
only good with the person he feel comfortable with..

about the video..
it was damn good!!!
se7en's voice was strong...!
his voice already speak for himself..
he just too good..
lee seung gi also good..
and jaejoong was brilliant..
but if he can put a smile while singing..
i think that'll be good..

exam today..
better than last week..
but tomorrow's add math..
add math...POOOF!!!!
GO AWAY!!!!!
i really hate add math.......
  • currently listening to Tohoshinki BigEastStation eps 21...
  • the link to the vid is here..
  • that web is kinda slow..
  • so..be patient dear honey!

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