12 September, 2007


a'kum n ello..

if yesterday Bio was hard...
you can predict how was chemistry....


my head was very dizzy thinking about the answers...
i was thinking so hard to know what is and what's not..
and my head was really in pain...

i feel like fainted..~~~~~~~~~
and so,now..
i'll skip bio tuition...
my mind is too dizzy..
i don't think i can contain any more questions....

but i haven't pay this month's fee....
and today is suppose to be the last day..

never mind..
i'll ask my sis to pay it for me..


last night..
my beloved kak diah called..
she asked for my father's help..
cos she said she wanted to go back home to Indonesia..
but she doesn't have any money..
so she asked some money to my father..
after that..
she asked me if i'm alright...
is i healthy or not..
i told her i am..
and then she said she miss me..
i told her i miss her too..
and she said she really really miss me..
and then she started crying...
i'm not good with people crying in front of me..
i really forgot what i said to her after that..
but i told her that she should come to shah alam..
meeting us and all..
she said she afraid of the taxi man..
but i ask her just to come..
that's all..

a maid that taking care of you for 10 years..
have you seen something like that..?
and my late mother asked her to take care of us,siblings, and the house..
a person like that leave you that kind of notes..
i suppose that you are really something...
  • currently listening to DBSK's Yeo Haeng Gi
  • i got the latest Walk On mag..
  • Xabi Alonso is soooooooo cute...!
  • i know he looks a lil bit old for his age..
  • but that smile..
  • AH~~~~~~~~!!
  • CUTE!

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