10 September, 2007

DBSK Malaysia

a'kum n ello..

just have to be happy for this thing...assuaged my worry about akaun's tomorrow..hoho....this is just TOOOOOO GOOOOODD!!!!....

Dear All
And one of the thing we announce today was that, finally we can confirm that TVXQ! 2nd Asia Tour Live Concert in Malaysia has been confirmed.

Date is not finalised yet but there is only one more information I can give you now.
The venue will be Merdeka Stadium.
We will give you the best. Please hold on for the further announcement.
And make sure to check our news regularly as we will be announcing the details VERY SOON.

-Kpop Kingdom

emi told me this evening...
but i just wanna copy it here..
damn happy..!!
just hope it will be after spm..
cos said maybe they will make it around the end of November and the early of December..
around that time...
just hope it will be after December...~~~

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