21 September, 2007

changmin-my mother

a'kum n ello...

now i can say it loudly..
cos before this..
i really want to say it..
but i want to know if somebody also see him as the way as i think he is...

i don't make sense right now...

i start it here..

around few weeks ago..
i realize something..
whenever i look at changmin's pictures..
i won't giggle or say "MY GOD,HE IS THE CUTEST!!!!!"
or something like that...

but then..
i realize..
whenever i look at changmin's face..
my heart feel good..
like something that being miss already being healed..
something like that..
it's like a memory..
something like you want to see..
and when you see it..
you will feel very happy..

i don't mean it like...
"AH!!!!!!XABI ALONSO!!!!!"
"I SAW HIM!!!!"
not like that..
something like..
i dunno how to describe it...

i think i say something that doesn't make sense..

i say it..

i think changmin's face looks like my mother..
my late-mother..
there was something in his face that makes me remind of her..
i just dunno why..
there just something..

i told my friends about this at school..
and emi agreed with me..
she saw my mother's pic from the previous post..
and she said he really look the same..
not exactly the same..
but there's somewhere..
emi said maybe the eyes....
and i think..
yes,maybe the eyes..

and few days ago...
i saw this vid that has changmin's mother...
and she nearly look like my mother..
not 100%..
but still..
there a part of it that i dunno where..
but it really there..!!!

shim changmin..
i want to marry you..!!!

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