24 September, 2007

some things.

A'kum and ello..

before i say things more..

go to this link if you want to know something about dbsk and super junior...
that web has the latest pics of suju and dbsk in a festival..
and there is a pic of u-know and hee chul hugging..
and ryeowook cute face[i'm insanely in love with his voice]
and lee teuk's face that still cute eventhough the latest style of suju should be gangsters...

why i'm not bother to put the pic here myself?
becos i think the web's owner review is better than mine..
read it..~

i think the dbsk's maniac already know about it..
dbsk will collaborate with koda kumi..
koda kumi is one of the greatest singer in the japan industry right now..
but i'm not fond of her voice..
but dbsk with her..?
dbsk's popularity really good right now..

and they also will be busy..
because other things that i read...
dbsk will release 2 singles[at least] after this..
they really busy..
but they always did it for the fans..
i don't think it will be a prob if they postpone the malaysia's concert for our sake...

at school..
a lil bit good for me in the starting of the day..
talked to emi about suju's movie..
she haven't watch it yet..
but i told her the spoilers..
[i asked her if she wants to know or not.and you know the answer]

and i talked to ainun about this certain guy..
i asked ainun about the so-called signals she said..
i thought it was a 'latest' signal or something..
and later after that..
my conversation with ainun continuously became something like..
'i talked about him more and more..'
and i think i shouldn't talk about him after my 'oath'..
i'll try not to talk about him anymore..



today also..
i told shazizan..
that his butt is small..
cos it has no fat at all..
ainun said his pants is a baggy pants..
that's why his butt looks small..
but i told shazizan that;
atman's butt is bigger than him...

ainun thinks i'm insane talking about butt..
at that time..
i was thinking about xiah junsu's butt..
his butt is big..~
that's why he has a s-line...
and i was comparing his butt with other guys i know..

  • currently listening to Shinhwa's brand new..
  • i'm in love with Lee Seung Gi's nice lie..
  • whoa,his voice really doesn't match his face...
  • his voice is BIG!
  • hani,i'm sorry to hear that one of ur relatives passed away..
  • and najwa didn't go to school today....~~~
  • atman,just sign the petition for FREE will you?

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