16 September, 2007


a'kum n ello...

i nearly lose my temper to my father...

i'm a lil bad ass daughter..

the story begin like this..

i watched some videos at crunchyroll..
my father maybe thought i had surf the net too much..
he wanted me stop..
unlike a nice lil "alia,dah la tu"..
he said"alia ni tak blaja ke?tak abis2 ngan tenet je"
u know what?
i hate that tone..
being control and so on..
and i was wondering where the hell was my father's headphone..
the headphone that has the noise reduction thingy..
cos that thing really useful when a parent nagging at you..

and after that..
i stopped playing the comp..
and after that..
i read the newspaper..
and then my father called me..
to take the cups that my father brought for his tea-time...
to the kitchen..
so i took them to the kitchen..
and then..
my hands were full with cups and plate...
and then he asked me to carry the others..
i told him later...
cos my hands were full..
after i put the previous thingy to the kitchen..
i went to the others...
cos a certain someone put a bottle into the cup..
i pull out the bottle from the cup..
hell,it was stuck..
but when i manage to pull out the bottle from the cup..
the cup fall down..
onto the plate beneath it..
and maybe the impulse was too strong..
the plate..broke...
and then..
my father asked"pecah?"
i said"pecah."
then he let out a "hish~~~!"
u know what..
i hate that tone...
and then...
i took the bottle(bottles cos there are more)..
and i threw them to the bin..
with my temper flaring..
i can see that my father finally understand how angry i was..

the end.

just now..
watched The Legend Of Zorro..
damn,it was good!!!!!!!
antonia banderas is the coolest..!!!!
so funny yet so sexy!!
but he's old..
don't mind..
i have xabi and changmin..

my kak diah already here..
she'll be living at my home for 3 days..
and my acu asked her to work with her...
kak diah was so touched to see me..
and she said i look small..
and thin...
to be honest,this 'you-look-thin' thingy should have stop..
cos i was wondering if i'm sick or something..

bukak puasa!
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