21 September, 2007

don't want to believe

a'kum n ello..

i don't want to believe it..
i know people said it's the official announcement..
but until i see a true confirmation date from the official peep herself..
i will believe it..

but the TVfXQ's Malaysia website said nothing about it..
[eventhough there is a comment box in it that said on 24th]
i will not believe it..


if the date really on the 24th..
i will...
try to go..


the Friday before 24th of Nov will not have any SPM paper..
that day will have pend. moral..
and i don't take moral in spm..
i have an extra day before the concert..
and after the concert...

the only thing i need to revise around the 23rd-25th Nov is Bio only...

the only paper after bio is Akaun..

i have time to revise..

Lady Luck really love me after all...

I'm good in planning something..

what can i do to convince my parents to let me go out on a SPM month?
  • currently listening to Eru's white snow...
  • erm,i have to sacrifice a Liverpool match then...
  • urgh!

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