08 September, 2007


a'kum n ello..

i dunno why..
i dunno why..
i dunno why..

i dunno why the hell i was being too confident when hani asked me 9 months ago..
"awak rasa awak boleh skor ke akaun?"
-something like that-
and my answer was "yup,kite konfiden"

i was tooooooo confident at that time..
confident like i can do anything....
confident like when i feel that my father will buy the earphone for me..

but that confident...
already dissappear..
i dunno how can i answer akaun paper after this..
i tried to study today..
but my mind was blank..
i was like...
"how to find peruntukan hutang ragu?"
all that sorts..

i feel like i want to tear the akaun book...!!!
i dunno why i didn't follow hani's footstep..
i never ever like bussiness stuff..
it just bore me!

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