04 September, 2007

the stupid nagger

a'kum n ello..

2nd day of trial..


mak cik azah nagged just now..
she really can't shut up her mouth..
i mean..
she was trying to be a good mother~~~~~~
she only trying to be a good wife to my dad...

really though..
can't she balance it..?
i thought with my dad back from Jeddah..
she'll be a good woman..
(i never think of her as my mother,tq very much~)

she already give a misery life to our whole family..
and i dunno when this will end..
as long as my dad think he is happy with her..
i alright with him....
and yes..
that is LOVE..
love is painful........


just got back from account tuition..
i'm still a lil bit slow compare to other peeps who take account..
i have to work harder then..

last night...
my sis and i sang my heart will go on..
yup,that titanic song..
it was kinda goofy..
i was singing cos i want to let some stress out..
and i was singing..
"every night in my dreams,
i see you,
i feel you,
that is how i know you-......"
i didn't continue cos i forget the lyric..
i asked my sis..
what then?
she said "go on~~"
and i continue..
"go on~~~"
"Far across the distance
And spaces between us
You have come to show you
go on~~"
and then my sis joined me..
and we sang it together..
it was a laugh..
my father knocked the door..
and mad at us(my sis mainly) cos we didn't study..
and so..
we continue studying..

and pergh..
i online right now...
cos my father is not home..
but later he will..
he got a car..
his company give him..
a volvo,i heard...
and this makes our cars total to 6..
my father,amin,haikal,me,alisa and mak cik azah..
6 in total..
1 car each..
that aiman not included cos he is too young..
i dunno where the hell we want to put those cars....

i don't really mind..
i only tell you cos of my duty as a full-time blogger...
  • currently listening to SS501's unlock..
  • download Tohoshinki/DBSK's shine-pv rip..
  • this Sunday has a kenduri arwah at my atuk's house..
  • cool!
  • err,not really..
  • i love the food..
  • and really have to study..
  • da..!

alia:-wave at xabi-

alia:torres,let go of him.he is mine!
torres:finders keepers.losers weepers.
alia:-headbutt torres-
alia:you gay lil *****!

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