27 September, 2007


A'kum n ello..

few minutes ago..
halimah called me..
she really need to heighten up the volume of her voice...
her voice is too small..
but still..
she still that malay movie lover..

she asked me about the spm trial from my school..
she said she already seen my school's paper..
and she said our chemistry's paper was alright......

i think she need a slap for that...

the chemistry is HARD!!!
4 people got A..
but i..~~
-no need to know-

we also talked about our friends...
i talked about hani,ah hin and adnin..
and some other peeps..
and she talked about her friends..
whom 1 of them is a korean lover..

that friend of her really love korean..
if the teacher wear a shoes like korean people wear..
her friend will say"ah~~kasut tu cam korea"
and if halimah is talking about other things..
her friend will interrupt and talk about korea..

you have to understand halimah.
she will be really piss if someone interrupt her..
but i save up my courage and told her that i adore DBSK..
and then something happen..
she said one of her friend gave her a ticket to a korean group concert..
and halimah refuse to go..
the ticket went bye-bye...
she said she dunno what's the name of the band...
but she thinks it was DBSK..

i want to slap her..

and then..
i told her why i love DBSK..
i told her it was because there was no Liverpool things at that time when i starting to love them..
and also cos i don't have any favourite artist..
and also because the dance is so coool!!
and also because the song is great...
and also because one of them looks like my late-mother..
she needn't say more..

the main reason she called me was bcos she wants to invite me to come to her bro's wedding this December..
it will be on 8th December..
and will be held in a hall in KL..
that will be good ney..
went to some wedding..
and then change clothes..
then hang out to some places in KL..

other prob..
don't mind..

halimah also reveal something to me...
from the SPM countdown beside this blog..
there are 1 month++ to go for the SPM..
and that halimah...
she said that in this year..
she never learn any akaun topics..
all the akaun's form5 topics..
she doesn't learn any of it..
she really~~
the reason she doesn't learn is becos..
her class is a pure-science class..
her class only learn biology[and other things]..
and so...
halimah need to learn akaun from outside..
but that girl..
she doesn't learn it from outside..
she doesn't even learn it from anybody..

i'm dizzy just thinking about her..
and she asked me what are my choices for the matriks..
i told her i chose negeri sembilan,melaka and johor..
she said she haven't register yet..
but she will choose pahang,?? and johor..
i forgot her other choice..
but whatever..
i'll ask her later....

i miss her much2..
she still that wacko girl..
and also that malay movie+drama lover..
i don't have the courage to tell her that indonesian drama;Mutiara Hati is kinda stupid..

other thing...
emi also said that kpop kingdom can't do anything about the dbsk's concert..
no postpone..
we really need some mogok to them....

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