21 March, 2009

review and maybe not?

A'kum n ello..

download :

  • BoA's new album(wholly english)
  • Utada Hikaru's new album (wholly english)
  • ONE OK ROCK's not-so-new album

only for ONE OK ROCK.haha..

utada hikaru and BoA's albums were alright...i nearly addicted to them..but i kinda wish there'll be some oomph..but i don't mind BoA,that's her first album..utada hikaru's songs were alright,but i kinda wish it'll be better...mind you,i'm never that satisfied eh?

ONE OK ROCK has this song,JUST(the title of the song)...and through the song, it has this sudden quiet....found out at the end of the song,(it was an 11 minute song) the band members' voice appeared and said thanks and all..hoho..

another review,

i read naruto and bleach's latest chapter...both of them were awesome....finally,kurosagi ichigo showed his prowess....and naruto,finally know his real dad..uhu....and i'm still waiting for someone to scanlate Eyeshield 21's latest chapter..

and another thing,many people been talking about how irrelevant of KBS World cos edited the show from 1.5 hours to 1hour only....so,people are mad cos most of the funniest part of the show was being edited....

lucky me,cos the only show that i watched on tv are Liverpool matches and 1N2D...so you can say that i'm a fanatic of the show...and so,i tried googled the show in the internet,and i found out that KBS world edit nearly all the funny parts of the show..

people nowadays,they really underestimate the power of internet(or maybe they don't) or maybe they underestimate the knowledge of international people....i know that we don't understand korean fully,but please bear in mind that we want an enjoyable show....haish2....making a longer lenght of showing 1N2D isn't that bad cos other shows that KBSW showed are mostly boring,only 1N2D that is interesting...

i nearly talking crap...
i need to sleep eventhough it's only 3.41pm right now.
  • currently listening to BoA's girls on top

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