31 March, 2009


A'kum n ello..

since the day i skipped that ceramah,(the one on saturday) i feel like bad luck will attack me...and so,i was prepared and just have to face things nicely...i can't go away or avoid bad luck,cos it means i'm hiding from it and bad luck will follow me after that...

so.i face it.

on monday.no parking space.search and search with aqilah.we were late for class about 20minutes just to find the parking spot...then search and search,and my head full of anxiety thinking about the bad luck...and i was thinking about skip the class..but aqilah said"just enter the class with no shame"..and so,we found the parking space..and parked there...and entered the class,with no shame,and no question from the lecture...maybe cos the lecturer herself always come to the class late...

magic word: just enter the class with no shame.

and now,today....again,parking space.and also alarm clock.tho that was the luckiest thing happen in the world....

anyway..before i slept on that monday night,i was extremely worried cos i didn't read anything for my biochem's quiz and ctu's test...i was worried...cos i don't want to get bad marks or anything..


i took my phone and i want to set the alarm.found out that my friend's birthday,adnin,is today(HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)...and so,i wished her...and without notice,i fell asleep...and didn't set the alarm

i opened my eyes.and i felt weird.like a maniac,i searched for the phone...and saw that it was 7.01am...nice~...and i immediately solat and recite the Al-Quran,cos i think only Allah can protect me from bad luck.

no parking space when we arrived.nice~
we had to search for about 20minutes to find it.later,we got it at our usual spot.hoho to that.

bad luck not happen yet.

mdm fazni said we have to send our organic chemistry lab reports this thursday.2 lab reports we must do.

not really bad luck.but haish.

biochem really have quiz..only 1 question can be answered nicely from 7 questions that were given..i wrote thioester bond as thiester bond...
oh nice~

bad luck begin.

microbiology.mr o said no lab report for the previous experiment.

good luck~

went home.had lunch.introduced mitchell davies to my friends.had a laugh and all.found out that jaejoong is the most erotic in dbsk.


went to uitm.worried about ctu.cos didn't study.the pak guard stopped us and took our uitm old sticker.

very2 bad luck.

no sticker.need some strategy.we can't enter the uitm freely after this without the sticker...and so,we called for help.hamka is superman.

luck came to us~~!

ctu test.harsh.lucky we can know the answer by common sense.essay?heh?kp cheated during the exam.she had her notes out.tho i also cheat.i asked aqilah,who got the answer from kp, who is the cheater.found out there are many cheaters around me at that time.guilty?yes.but carrymark is the most important thing in your study life.haha

luck is kinda giving us the bad side

hamka helped us for the sticker.he told us that we need to apply the sticker.they don't mind about the stay in the hostel and all.nice~

luck really upon us.

all end all.it ends happily.

may peace be upon you.

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