09 March, 2009

yukawa manabu cry?

A'kum n ello...

Galileo the movie.

the SP was better than the movie tho...cos the SP has haruma miura and also show Yukawa Manabu(fukuyama masaharu) real depth of knowledge..

but the movie?

too much on emotional. something like LOVE make us crazy and do stupid thing and FRIENDSHIP is the reason why real truth can't be given.

maybe i'm cruel.all of that emotinal thing are like 'cream' in the 'creampuff'..but still,for the cold Yukawa Manabu to cry...it's like knowing that the cold-blooded afiq ersyad playing facebook..

is this the time when i have to say HAHA?

but still,the intro was good...i gained beautiful knowledge when i watched it...i never know that a magnet can change a small energy to a HUGE energy...really tho...

i don't think i'm talking crap rite now..but it sounds like crap...


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