22 March, 2009

half day.lololo.

A'kum n ello..

mak long from tg malim datang.

she came around 10.30am...with pak long and her son,ammar...

like usual,the hubby and bini talked about tanah,politic and family matters....

and i know that my father knows many political people,but to know that he even close with some of them are really heh? to me...

but still..

i'm bored.
and i really need to study organic chem and biochem....totally need it...

this week will be busier than before...with 2 tests in 1 week,and celebrate my belated birthday with liyana later this friday,and also aiman's birthday,things are looking busier...

and also presentation for CTU,hohoho.
tho i have to be grateful that the other members plan to do to the preparation while me,kp and aqilah who love to talk(aqilah excluded) will do the talking....

i think we got the simplest task...but if that what they want,ok.
tho i still feel a lil bit guilty cos i do nothing about it...hrm2.
sorry matey~~~~redface

aqilah need to say sorry cos she didn't buy anything for me at petaling street yesterday...

i really need to freshen up my mind.
ta then!
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