24 March, 2009

hwanhee the plastic hero~

A'kum n ello..

i always condemn plastic surgery.
cos it's nt original...you suppose to accept God's gift..especially the body and face....it's like the precious thing in the world...

plastic surgery is common in korea...don't be surprise if you find out that full house actress,song hye gyo also one of the celebrity that had plastic surgery...there's another actress,kim jung eun,famous cos of lovers in paris drama, got a gift from her mother i.e plastic surgery as her graduation gift after she graduated from her high school..

to know that people want to be beautiful to that extent.......
and that's why i love penelope cruz..such beauty~~!

there's this singer that i really love his face...eventhough he had plastic surgery....

fly to the sky's hwanhee...

before and after.haha.
see the difference?
he's hot.

maybe the picture above doesn't show how hot he is...

but i just watched Star Golden Bell and he was in it,and it BLOODY HANDSOME..!!!
i really wanna see a handsome face like that in front of me...
haha to that..

and to know that it's not even original....

i really wanna know his surgeon...he really knows what handsome means.

michael jackson is regretting why he didn't meet hwanhee's surgeon before he made zillions of plastic surgery....

the theme of today is PLASTIC SURGERY!
ta then!

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