04 April, 2009

ci ku pang!

A'kum n ello..

on thursday.
i watched IN2D with kp and aqilah.
and kang ho dong played rock-paper-scissors with lee su geun...

i told aqilah.

"dlm game ni kan,bile ade 1 on 1 je,jd cam ci ku pang"

kp suddenly asked,"ci ku pang? mende tu?"

aqilah n me looked at kp with O-O

she kid us,rite?

and so we asked her

"KO TATAU CI KU PANG?????????"

and i was wondering,
aku budak bandar ke kampung ni?


and so.
the next day.

we asked a friend of mine.
the name is hajar.so i asked her.."awak tau tak ci ku pang?"
then hajar said"ci ku pang?pe tu?"

another one.
and she's from pahang.
btw,kp from perlis.

and then i asked sarah.
she's from kl.

she answered "tau.ci ku pang (motioned the ci,the ku,and the pang) kan?"


then i told her that kp doesn't know what is ci ku pang.and sarah was in awe.

and then suddenly,sarah had an idea."nanye yod pulak."
yod is a perlis-an.
so she asked.

hahahahhaah.her reaction was unbelievable.she replied with an extreme what-the-heck-is-that face, "CI KU PANG??PE TU???"

things are getting interesting..

ci ku pang.
the game that show your reaction.totally recommended for someone that bad mentally.

ta then!

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