27 November, 2008

Liverpool and kim dong wan

A'kum n ello..

this morning,Liverpool won over marseille..


i'm happy for the win,but there was something lacking about the match...

people talk about how good Gerrard was last nite...he scored a great header..but nobody talked about the assist from xabi alonso...the cross was brilliant,and without the cross,maybe the header won't be brilliant...

but whatever,Liverpool is a TEAM...so yeay~..the defenders and the keeper were brilliant in making a clean sheet...

another thing,

aqilah oi~~...i didn't buy the hoodie~...i don't think i want to buy the hoodie that i showed before...

i want to buy this hoodie--> KimDongWan sunflower shirt

click the link to check out the hoodie...i can't show the hoodie here..~

reason?cos i don't want to forget DongWan...he's in the military rite now,and after 2or3 years,maybe he'll ger out,and that hood will remind me about him...hohohoho...

ta then~!
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