16 November, 2008

exam end~!

A'kum n ello..

exam end!
bloody good~!

and i'm happy here cos i answered the microbio's paper nicely...most of the answers that were out i can answered it,and hopefully,what i know can be understood properly by the examiners later...cos really,i always make my own words...

but still,i'm happy that i'm free~!

so tomorrow will go out with aqilah and kp...kp wanna buy some private stuff and me and qilah just want to eat our beloved takoyaki..hoho...

later have to go back to college to pick up my things...hoho..

k..nothing much to say then...the dbsk stuff already enough..

man,Liverpool were awesome!xabi alonso is my man of the match..his pass last night was brilliant...huhu...torres is nearly back to his back eventho he was only a sub but he made a good assist even without the goal...gerrard is improving,eventho he is the best player in Liverpool,but he is not in a good form tho..maybe with the help of torres he'll be better...hoho...

Liverpool are just brilliant~!

anyway..wanna talk about something...now i know why people don't like my class-rep,wira~...

fyi,i came out from the exam hall 35minutes earlier than supposed time,and while i was waiting for kp and aqilah to come out,wira came out from the hall..then after a lil while,he asked me,"man utd lawan sape 5-0?"...so i answered "ngan stoke"...then he said something like "aku tak nengok pun smalam.(something like that)aku belajar je smalam.bdak2 lain yg nengok bola tu,yg tak belaja sbb nengok bola tu,aku tatau diorg leh jawab ke tak"(something like that he said)...i was a lil bit taken aback...

aku. tengok. bola. smalam.

anything bad about it?...to make it nice,i didn't study before watching that match cos i had headache before the match...but after the match,my headache already gone and i studied..and i could answered the exam nicely just now...is watching football make a different?....

da...this person,he thought he's THAT good...what the hell~...

i didn't response much to him...i barely heard what he said after that cos i played with my own cellphone,watching xabi alonso's wondergoal...

k then~
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