11 November, 2008

exam and rude

A'kum n ello...

this morning~~math's test...it was alright~~...nice~~...


that's all i can say...really,the questions were like -_- ...i dunno if it's university standard or what...but the exam really felt like spm....da~~....

i couldn't understand this question

solve the triangle.

what the heck?!!??!?

what to solve?the radius?the sides?the weird tangent and sine?


and just now,i opened my email,and i saw an email from mdm shakirah...

she said this..
Dear Students
I wanted to do you a favour to get ur carry marks and print out the marks for you.
I typed a message to Afiq to ask whether all of u had received the feedback on ur carry marks
He said this " No we don't know..why u ask me? Im nota class rap..better u inform 2 asyraf" (typed by Izzat his friend with all the errors if u noticed)
I find that they were RUDE..(kurang didikan dari ibu bapa..pity them).
Because of this I changed my mind...u all have to find your carry marks on your own from your other lecturers.
Thot I wanted to do u all a favour, but with RUDE students..why bother??
Over and out!

as much as i dislike her,but i have to be her fan for this...i mean,why the hell that afiq replied like that to her?...beyond rude...~~

i was thinking that nowadays,people from the north were being very2 rude to me,not a sorry or thank you from them whenever i helped them for anything....

and haish...what the hell,i'm not saying that northern people are rude,but if some of you show that u're rude,everybody of the same ground are the same too....

rude people,~
called me naive or too nice..
cos i'm really a nice person...
my family teach me to be nice to everybody...

ta then!

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