03 November, 2008

experience eh?

A'kum n ello..

being someone that HAVE to love someone and not the one that love by someone is tough eh?

i'm not saying about my personal life..
i am talking about me supporting Liverpool..
but what can i do if i'm too in love with Liverpool..
yeah,they got the glory and the money from us;fans..
but still the fans can be happy when the team is winning...
and the fans can be sad when the team is losing..

yeah,maybe this thing is kinda a wasteful thing..
but still,as long as i can experience this thing,i think i'm a human being..
that is meant by experience things that some people don't want to experience...

k now...
maybe u have this moment,
"alia?make-up?kidding~~~~no way"

now i'm wearing it to class or anywhere...
even though its only lip gloss and compact powder..
and i already experienced those eyeliner and mascara...

and now i want to enjoy another experience..
wore it already..

yellow shirt?
not sure when...

high heels?
where the hell can i find high heels?
my sis's friend?

i experienced many things already that you think i may not...
i want to experience bungy jumping or horror house or those extreme stuff..
so i want to have a date at sunway lagoon later..
wanna join?
ting tong me..

ta then!
  • currently listening to WaT's 青春の輝き
  • k,introduce someone to me if you have a good looking guy,smart,funny,rich and know me for who i am..
  • cos really,i don't have someone i like right now..

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