26 November, 2008


A'kum n ello..




i want to thank Liverpool and maybe DBSK cos without their news,maybe my blog won't reach 900 rite now..aha~..

nway,i want to celebrate~...900...isn't it too much...??...and i don't even add it with my previous blog,stepteen.blogdrive.com...if i add it with that one,does it mean that i had 1000 posts already??..ahaha~

wth la alia..u don't need to brag about the no. of post,it's not the quantity,it's the life that matters...i have to wait for the post to reach the no.1000 so i can make a party later...


nway,i already finish watching On Air...nice drama~!bloody brilliant~!..brilliant actors~!...hot Park Yong Ha~..hoho...

but a very hideous pink tie~~throw it away pls..

dear men,pls don't even think about wearing a pink tie,except if you are atman,which means that you are gay...

where the hell is that guy anyway...?

aqilah told me that nazneen wants to hang out this thursday/friday..nazneen is happy cos her exam end this wednesday~..but never thought that she wants to play bowling....hope it'll be bowling tho instead of watching movies,cos i don't think there are any good movies rite now,except madagascar 2,that i already watched...

don't even try to invite me to watch any Malay movie,especially that you know how much i hate malay movies,and don't even try to ask me to watch some crappy movie like bunny2 like that...

i miss shazizan....maybe cos Arsenal is in a bad state rite now,so i miss him...hahahaha....it's nearly 4am rite now,and arsenal has a match,and the current score is........


the scum also currently has the same score...hrm2~~

and just found out that the top passer in the premier league rite now is Xabi Alonso~~~~my hubby!!!!!!!!

k now..
  • currently listening to NEWS's ムラリスト
  • i wanna buy a doraemon hoodie~~~hahaha..if i can tho~

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