15 November, 2008

7 weird things

A'kum n ello...

hoho...asya tagged me...



the tagged thing is this....

7 weird things

To tag along: you have to list 7 weird things about yourself,
post it in your blog,tag at least 7 people (list their names),
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so...like that....

i'll try then..

  1. i love Liverpool,i love football but i don't want to play football.if that is not weird enough for you,i dunno what you'll think.i support the team,and i like to analyse it like i know what bad and what good,and what the players are thinking and why the managers make the tactics like that.i'm more into managing things instead of playing it.people asked me out to play futsal many times with them,but i always reject them cos truthfully,i don't like it.maybe i like it if i try,but still,i prefer to manage the the team.hoho.
  2. i put a Liverpool kerchief on my head when i watch Liverpool play.yeah,weird and my family always make a fun of it. not many of my friends seen it before.kp saw it when she stayed at my house during the Liverpool vs man utd match.so she got to see my weird moment.the reason i put the kerchief is because i'll feel like i'm in the stadium that Liverpool are playing.ahah.weird.yeah.this thinking is too fanatic but i love it.hoho.
  3. i recite Al-Fatehah,4 Qul,some zikirs,and ayat Kursi before i sleep. i recite those before i sleep.sometimes it bothers my sister who sleeps beside me,but what the heck,why must i care.i did all of these cos u dunno when you will die,and if i die,i want it to be during my sleep;peaceful and nice.but i can't ask for that as long as i'm live.anyway,i don't like ghost but i don't really scared of them,but i rather not see them.so things like these are good for me.
  4. i have this low resistant to pee.haha.i think the people that close to me might know this,but when i want to pee,i'll try to do it immediately. i'm not good in resist it.whenever i feel like it,i will do it immediately.that's why before i go to class,before i sleep,before i go out,i will go the toilet first.hahaha.now you know,aqilah&kp?
  5. i read a book when i'm eating.this is more like a habit.a book is a must for me when i read.rite now,shin chan is my fav book to read when eating.i don't like to read detective conan when eating cos the manga is more into thinking than have a free mind.and obviously,i never read bio textbook during i eat.no way da..i want to eat,not to study.i won't read except when i eat while talking with others or watching tv.tho i like to read the book when my sis is talking to me.
  6. i am easily influenced by shojo manga.in her blog,asya said she's easily influenced by dramas.mine is shojo manga.haha.manga influenced me greatly.hoho.after i read any shojo,i'll be in my own world,thinking like i'm the main character,and thinking like 'ooh,i'm just an innocent,normal girl but why do you want me'.ahaha.dreamer,but whatever.it's not like i experienced it before.and anyway,manga can teach you everything like doraemon's math to futari ecchi's sex edu.
  7. i don't like to visit anybody in the hospital that related to my family when they're sick eventhough i want to be a medic person in the future.and this is why i don't visit my late pak uda many times when he was sick.my father scolded me about this.but in the end i told him the reason,cos i don't want see people that related to me with an IV stick to their vein and being hopeless and half-lifeless.they're sick.and for me,i feel like i'm hopeless,and in my mind,i think they think like 'why the hell you feel sad for me?' and thinking that their disease can't be cure and all,and giving up is like the best thing and all those sad thoughts are in the air when you visit sick people.yeah.i hate that kind of things.but i don't mind if that person is someone i don't know.yeah.i dunno why.
so..that's all....
and so...
the people i want to tag are

izza and noi.

at least 7people,but why must i care.
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