20 November, 2008

kedai arab

A'kum n ello...

so last nite had dinner with my family at this arabic restaurant;Kurma Royale..

when you enter the restaurant,you may think that 'whoa,this pak arab really2 good'....cos the restaurant is on the 1st floor..the ground floor is a kurma shop..the kurma is associated with the restaurant..

hrm,maybe i'm wrong about the Kurma Royale...maybe that's the name of the kurma shop..but never mind,the restaurant above the kurma shop..

nway...the restaurant is a first class...mak cik azah called it as '5star restaurant'...it even has a lift...we're the laziest family in the world cos we use the lift to go to the restaurant eventho we can easily use the stairs,but why the heck bother if they provide that kind of nice facilities..hoho...tho it kinda object the stop global warming a lil bit..

nway,the restaurant serve Beriyani Rice...the called it Mandy Rice,or maybe Mandy Beriyani Rice...the rice,not include the chicken or beef,costs RM7...wow rite?....only the rice~~..better eat beriyani at Shah Beriyani if you want to choke that kind of price...~

nway again...the chicken kinda wow...cos it was soft,so it was nice and delicious too.....and the beef,hohohohohoho..nice too....and ..

don't bother about the drink..cos lucky i didn't order the drink...cos mak cik azah asked for carrot juice,they served her blended carrot juice,with no additional igredients like ice-blended or even sugar or the simple milk-carrot juice...cos she got plain carrot juice that taste like,well,carrot...and my maid ordered lemon juice...so you can imagine what it taste like if the carrot juice is like that...the lemon juice taste like lemon..and we gave aiman taste a lil bit of it,and he made this funny face that even the waiter laughed seeing him like that....btw,the lemon juicewas really2 masam~~!...i dunno how can aiman tasted it many times,cos i even had a hard time tasting it...and after drank some of it,my maid realize that they already gave her a sugar water(air gula ~~) for the drink....nice~~

and so we ate like pak arab....hohoho..lucky with no big tummy~....and we asked for caramel,which is really2 good,but i still prefer my late mum's....and then my father asked for the bill,and like usual,he asked us to guess how much the cost of the dinner...and my guess was the nearest,and he gave me RM5 for the guess,and cos the nearby shop at the restaurant is a shop that sells asian stuff,my father told me to buy korean cd with that RM5..

oh wow....RM5...what can you buy anyway?

but my father asked what i want tho...but no korean drama that i like tho...my mind just full of My Lovely Kim SamSoon...but i already watched it many times already,so to buy it is kinda like waste of money...and bcos nothing interest me,so i told my father that i don't want anything...

we have to save our money for greater goods~~
tho i dunno when will that happen...

and that's all..
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