26 November, 2010

Kim Hyun Joong and The Face Shop

A'kum n ello...

so today i watched Rapunzel:Tangled.



lets talk the real thing.

before the movie, aqilah and i went to The Face Shop to buy the stuff that we need for the time when Kim Hyun Joong come to Malaysia later.

so the conditions to meet him was: buy The Face Shop product for more than RM50.

cool stuff.

you know,i already met Hyun Joong before. remember this post?

so i didn't really feel excited about meeting him. i decided to go to his fanmeeting/showcase event hough i know he won't sing or dance but only smile and wave and "apa khabar?" and that is mostly because i want to buy The Face Shop products.

usually, when i enter their shops, i'll see some expensive stuff like a RM39.90 body scrubs,RM123.90 lotion or other stuff.

but then, if you want to buy something that result a ticket to see a handsome man, you know all those stuff are cheaps(not included the RM100++).

as i said,i'm not that excited to see Kim Hyun Joong.he's not my bias.but you see,with Jaebum's fanmeeting and Wonder Girls concert are over my budget, so Hyun Joong is the only thing that i can cope with.

which is kinda cool cos among all the 3 that are coming in Malaysia, Kim Hyun Joong is the most famous one and the most good looking one among the three.Jaebum is hot,but only his body that attracts me.HAHA.if he made his fanmeeting without his shirt on, maybe i don't mind taking the VIP.hahahahaha.

i am a girl.
i maybe loves Liverpool, i ,maybe wear the same tudung everyday, i maybe watch some porn,or read Futari Ecchi. but i loves hot abs, handsome men, shopping good stuff and reading shojo.

so when i see some reasonable price for beauty products,especially the one that i need most, of course i'll get excited.


and so i bought Sweet Body Moisture Exfoliator and some Eye Serum(i think).


Sweet Body Moisture Exfoliator?
cos the shopkeeper put some scrubs on my hand, and the result immediately seen.i was humiliated in an instant.i found out my hand has plenty of dead cells and i knew about it after 1second of testing.

Eye Serum?
cos i have eyebags. blame my life as a microbiology student and also as an individual that live in front of the computer everyday.


RM50++ for both of them.

and oh, the Eye Serum has a 50% discount. RM70++ to RM30++


i love THIS!

ta then!


farrah mazlan said...

eh alia how was rapunzel??? best takkkkk?

Alia Liverpool said...

oh.Rapunzel best!!!!!!!lawak gle!!!!

zachary levi jd hero disney.oh terbaik!hahaha